Come Meet Our Favorites

Everyone at Francisvale loves all the wonderful four legged friends that come through the doors, but there is always that one that wins their way into our hearts a little bit more than the rest. We’ve decided to share with you some of our favorite animals in the hopes that our love for them will be passed on and they will find forever homes.



Executive Director’s Pick.-“Mosely is an adorable, wonderful companion with lovely idiosyncrasies that are a joy to behold. He waits patiently for a lift onto my lap where he rests for endless periods of time while I type away.” Jodi


Photographer’s PickMaddie-” This gentle bundle of fur immediately captured my heart as she snuggled up to me with her motor boat purr, a sound like no other.” Mary Hunt Davis
Volunteer Pick-Precious– ” I like Precious because there is not a needy bone in her body. She appreciates whatever attention you can give her.” Carolyn


Staff Pick-Sparticus– He is strong, but sensitive. He is a true Gladiator. He has the best qualities of any man! Kim


Staff Pick- Lulu-” She is a smart, enthusiastic, fun loving dog. She’s so much fun and would be a great companion.” Amber


Intern Pick- “Milo & Otis are a fantastic duo- the two are so sweet and affectionate without being pushy. Two is definitely better than one!” Maire

Shelter Manager Pick-Dougie-“He is a total snuggle bug and he gives the best kisses.” Heather
Staff Pick- Mama(Tiny)– “She is just a wonderful cat. I wish that I could take her home with me.” Sue
Staff Pick-Elsie-“I share an office with Elsie, and after earning her trust, I’m able to see how much her intelligence and affection make her quite a special dog. ” Lisa
Staff Pick-Bo– He is just so incredibly sweet and I think most people don’t get to see this side of him because he’s always on the defense due to all the other cats. He has the best purr ever!-Laura









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