We first met 3-4 year old Polo in a small upper cage at ACCT Philly shaking in the back corner , scared to death, filthy dirty and matted so badly he could barely walk. We wanted to take him with us that day but he had a microchip, registered to an owner, so we needed to wait 10 long days to rescue him. Needless to say no one claimed him so off we went to bring him back to FV. He was shy at first. He could probably barely see us or hear us with the matting that was covering his eyes and ears. He looked like he had 4 extra feet growing off of the sides of his real feet which were mats! After a little time when he settled in he went to our groomer and came back an entirely different dog. Not only did he look great but he felt great! His true personality poured out and he charmed every single one of us! But …. unfortunately during his grooming a large mass was discovered on his upper back leg. He was scheduled for surgery, it was removed carefully and as much as possible without damaging muscle and sent out for a biopsy. When the results came back we were all devastated . It was a malignant mast cell tumor with unclean margins. Polo’s next trip was to the Oncologist. They do not recommend trying to scrape out any more cells. They don’t even recommend chemo at this time. The good news is … After further X-rays and tests … it has not spread yet ! No one knows how much time Polo has . It could be 6 months . It could be a few years . But he deserves to be in a home !!!! I know there are angels out there who are willing to give him the best life possible until it’s time for him to cross the rainbow bridge . PLEASE SHARE with every kind soul that you know . If anyone is interested in fostering him please fill out an application.



Adoption pending


Shih Tzu




DOB Feb 6, 2016


16 lbs







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