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June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat-Month

Posted on: Tuesday, June 5, 2012


To celebrate this wonderful month we will be having an adoption special. If you adopt one cat you can adopt a second cat for no donation fee.  We love our cats at Francisvale and we are hoping this month to hit a record high with cat adoptions. We have already adopted two in the first week. Let’s keep it going and get some more cats their forever homes.



1. If you are thinking about adopting a cat, consider taking home two. Cats do well when they have a buddy.

2. Find a cat whose personality compliments yours. Francisvale has many cats with different personalities.

3. Pick out a veterinarian ahead of time if you don’t already have one, and schedule a visit within the first few days following the adoption.

4. Make sure everyone in the house is prepared to have a cat before it comes home.

5. Budget for the short and long-term costs of a cat.

6. Stock up on supplies before the cat arrives.

7. Cat proof your home.

8. Go slowly when introducing your cat to new people and other pets.

9. Be sure to include your new pet in your family’s emergency plan.

10. Enjoy being a new pet parent!



Posted on: Sunday, April 8, 2012

favorites sparticus precious elsie tiny maddie lulu mosely

Come Meet Our Favorites

Posted on: Monday, March 19, 2012

Everyone at Francisvale loves all the wonderful four legged friends that come through the doors, but there is always that one that wins their way into our hearts a little bit more than the rest. We’ve decided to share with you some of our favorite animals in the hopes that our love for them will be passed on and they will find forever homes.



Executive Director’s Pick.-“Mosely is an adorable, wonderful companion with lovely idiosyncrasies that are a joy to behold. He waits patiently for a lift onto my lap where he rests for endless periods of time while I type away.” Jodi


Photographer’s PickMaddie-” This gentle bundle of fur immediately captured my heart as she snuggled up to me with her motor boat purr, a sound like no other.” Mary Hunt Davis
Volunteer Pick-Precious– ” I like Precious because there is not a needy bone in her body. She appreciates whatever attention you can give her.” Carolyn


Staff Pick-Sparticus– He is strong, but sensitive. He is a true Gladiator. He has the best qualities of any man! Kim


Staff Pick- Lulu-” She is a smart, enthusiastic, fun loving dog. She’s so much fun and would be a great companion.” Amber


Intern Pick- “Milo & Otis are a fantastic duo- the two are so sweet and affectionate without being pushy. Two is definitely better than one!” Maire

Shelter Manager Pick-Dougie-“He is a total snuggle bug and he gives the best kisses.” Heather
Staff Pick- Mama(Tiny)– “She is just a wonderful cat. I wish that I could take her home with me.” Sue
Staff Pick-Elsie-“I share an office with Elsie, and after earning her trust, I’m able to see how much her intelligence and affection make her quite a special dog. ” Lisa
Staff Pick-Bo– He is just so incredibly sweet and I think most people don’t get to see this side of him because he’s always on the defense due to all the other cats. He has the best purr ever!-Laura









Your True Love is Waiting at Francisvale

Posted on: Monday, February 6, 2012

Bring Home Double the Love on this Valentines Day

In honor of the holiday of love, Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals will be running a Valentine Special in hopes that some of our loving couples can go to their forever homes together. For the month of February cat adoption donations will be 2 for 1. Adopt one cat and if you choose to adopt a friend there will be no adoption donation for that second animal.



Take a look at our best friends


Lacey & Bo. Lacey is the only cat that Bo will let into his heart


Milo and Otis-Two brothers waiting to make you smile all year round.


Lady Buttons & Missy- Sweet and Beautiful Sisters

All in the Family


Tiny- Mama of the 3 stunning cats below






Any combination of this family will bring much love and happiness to your home.

New Email Addresses

Posted on: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

*Please see our new email addresses on the Contact Us page.*

Holiday Safety Tips From Your Friends at Francisvale

Posted on: Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holly, Jolly and Oh-So-Safe! Of course you want to include your furry companions in the festivities, pet parents, but as you celebrate this holiday season, try to keep your pet’s eating and exercise habits as close to their normal routine as possible. And be sure to steer them clear of the following unhealthy treats, toxic plants and dangerous decorations:

O Christmas Tree Securely anchor your Christmas tree so it doesn’t tip and fall, causing possible injury to your pet. This will also prevent the tree water—which may contain fertilizers that can cause stomach upset—from spilling. Stagnant tree water is a breeding ground for bacteria and your pet could end up with nausea or diarrhea should he imbibe.

Tinsel-less Town
Kitties love this sparkly, light-catching “toy” that’s easy to bat around and carry in their mouths. But a nibble can lead to a swallow, which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract, severe vomiting, dehydration and possible surgery. It’s best to brighten your boughs with something other than tinsel.

No Feasting for the Furries
By now you know not to feed your pets chocolate and anything sweetened with xylitol, but do you know the lengths to which an enterprising fur kid will go to chomp on something yummy? Make sure to keep your pets away from the table and unattended plates of food, and be sure to secure the lids on garbage cans.

Toy Joy
Looking to stuff your pet’s stockings? Choose gifts that are safe.Dogs have been known to tear their toys apart and swallowing the pieces, which can then become lodged in the esophagus, stomach or intestines.

Stick with chew toys that are basically indestructible, Kongs that can be stuffed with healthy foods or chew treats that are designed to be safely digestible.Long, stringy things are a feline’s dream, but the most risky toys for cats involve ribbon, yarn and loose little parts that can get stuck in the intestines, often necessitating surgery.

Surprise kitty with a new ball that’s too big to swallow, a stuffed catnip toy or the interactive cat dancer—and tons of play sessions together.

Forget the Mistletoe & Holly
Holly, when ingested, can cause pets to suffer nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upset and cardiovascular problems. And many varieties of lilies, can cause kidney failure in cats if ingested. Opt for just-as-jolly artificial plants made from silk or plastic, or choose a pet-safe bouquet.

Leave the Leftovers
Fatty, spicy and no-no human foods, as well as bones, should not be fed to your furry friends. Pets can join the festivities in other fun ways that won’t lead to costly medical bills.

That Holiday Glow
Don’t leave lighted candles unattended. Pets may burn themselves or cause a fire if they knock candles over. Be sure to use appropriate candle holders, placed on a stable surface. And if you leave the room, put the candle out!

Wired Up
Keep wires, batteries and glass or plastic ornaments out of paws’ reach. A wire can deliver a potentially lethal electrical shock and a punctured battery can cause burns to the mouth and esophagus, while shards of breakable ornaments can damage your pet’s mouth.




*Courtesy of the ASPCA

Join Francisvale at the 2nd Annual Shirley’s Run and Dog Walk

Posted on: Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Presented by the Maple Glen Community Association

August 21st, 2011


For Runners: Only $20 until August 8th. ($10 for ages 19 and under)

For Dogs and their escorts: Only $10 until August 8th

For Both the Run and Dog Walk: Only $25 until August 8th

(Pet Sitters will be available to hold your dog while you participate in the run)

In her memory Shirley’s Run raises funds for the Shirley Schriftman Fund for Animals; a donor advised fund at the Montgomery County Foundation.

The fund supports animal rescue and animal training organizations in the Montgomery County area.

For more information contact Ross Schriftman @ 215-682-7075 or

To volunteer, donate or sponsor: Contact Ross Schriftman

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Posted on: Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Join Our Effort to Get Cats Adopted!


It’s  estimated that more than four million cats and kittens enter animal shelters nationwide each year. To help find loving homes for cats, Francisvale is waiving its adoption fee for all cats for the month of June. Pass the word around and help us get these kitties adopted.



1. If you’re thinking about adopting a cat, consider taking home two.

2. Find a cat whose personality meshes with yours.

3. Pick out a veterinarian ahead of time and schedule a visit within the first few days following the adoption.

4. Make sure everyone in the house is prepared to have a cat and is involved in the adoption process.

5. Budget for the short and long-term costs of a cat.

6. Stock up on supplies before the cat arrives.

7. Cat-proof your home.

8. Keep your new cat in one room for the first couple of days to get him use to his new surroundings.

9.Go slowly when introducing your cat to new friends, family, and other pets.

10. Have patience and give plenty of love.

Francisvale has many wonderful cats that need a loving homes to call their own. Please take a look at our adoptable cat section and fill out an application today.  You will have a devoted companion for life. They will be waiting!

An Evening with the DePue Brothers Band

Posted on: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Benefit Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals

The Colonial Theatre

Phoenixville, PA



Join the DePue Brothers Band and special guest host, Keith Brand of WXPN’s Sleepy Hollow for an astounding evening of  ‘grassical’ experience as these 7 nationally heralded classically and jazz trained musicians bring us an evening of Bluegrass Fusion! Special guest banjo player Tony Trishka will be with the band for the 2011 benefit concert.

Every ticket sold benefits Francisvale and the wonderful work they have been doing as America’s oldest continuously operating no-kill shelter for over 100 years right here in our own Delaware Valley.

Treat yourself and friends to VIP level tickets(premier seating) and receive invitations to the after concert party upstairs at the Colonial and take home an autographed compy of the Depue Brothers CD, ‘Weapons of Grass Destruction’ as part of your VIP package! Drinks and Desserts on the band and a meet and greet with ‘the boys’ themselves. VIP tickets are limited!!

Tickets on sale at


Our thanks go out to our growing list of sponsors!

Frist Priority Bank

AFS(Automated Financial Systems, Inc.)

CelticMalts, Inc.

The Colonial Theatre

Keith Brand/WXPN

Compass Box Whisky

High West Distillery

**want to become a sponsor of this important annual benefit? Please phone Riannon Walsh on 610-986-6511 to discuss sponsor levels and benefits.


Visit and preview the Band:



Noisemakers of the Year!

Posted on: Monday, December 20, 2010


Congratulations to Kim Wolf for being recognized for the work she does with Sarge for animal welfare, outreach and humane education. We couldn’t ask for a nicer more caring person to be representing pitbulls and all  of the animals in our community. Way to go Kim!

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