Our Animals

Francisvale has a large variety of cats and dogs for adoption. We have all-American mutts as well as pedigreed animals. Our population consists of adult animals as well as puppies and kittens. Our four-legged residents come to us in many ways. Some are strays, some have lost their masters, some have had to be given up by heartbroken owners. We use our knowledge and familiarity with our animals to facilitate a good match between pet and adopter. We encourage and provide an opportunity for each prospective owner to get to know his/her pet before adoption, including knowledge of the background, personal qualities and medical history of their animal. If you or a friend are considering adding a new pet to your household, please remember Francisvale. We have many four-legged friends here who would love to meet you.

Take a good look! Many new dogs and cats have recently arrived at Francisvale! (It is possible that not all animals at Francisvale are pictured on our website. Please see www.petfinder.com for more available animals or make an appointment to visit the shelter). Availability of dogs subject to prior adoption.


The ratings below are judgments based solely on Francisvale staff observations of the dog or cat in question. These observations are limited to the amount of time the animal has spent at the shelter and are not, in any way, a guarantee that the animal will respond the same outside the shelter. Francisvale staff does the best they can at socializing each animal but cannot be held responsible for the actions of each animal once they are adopted.

Safe practices by the adopters are the best way to ensure each animal behaves as a healthy member of the family. First, the adopter should assume that the animal they adopt is NOT housebroken and should be prepared to house train the dog or cat. Socializing the animal should be done with precaution and (with dogs) controlled with a leash. It’s always best to wait a while before socializing your new pet – make sure they are comfortable with you and their new surroundings first.

Good – In terms of temperament, the animal has shown no aggression towards dogs, cats or children. In terms of housebreaking, the animal has few or no accidents in their individual enclosure overnight.

Unsure – In terms of temperament, the animal has shown some tense moments when introduced to other animals or children, or has not yet been introduced to other animals or children while in the care of Francisvale. This will be the case of most new animals at Francisvale. The staff needs time to observe each animal and it maybe that not enough time has been spent to determine temperament. In terms of housebreaking, the animal has occasional accidents in their individual enclosures overnight or, again, it may be that the animal has recently arrived and the staff needs more time to evaluate the animal.

Not Recommended– The animal has shown signs of aggression towards other animals or children. This should not, however, be interpreted as meaning the animal is not adoptable. Shelter life is not a great life for animals and some simply live tense. Many times an animal’s aggression is related directly with their environments and will change in a different environment. In terms of housebreaking, the animal has regular accidents in their enclosure overnight. Depending on the health and age of the animal, this is usually and easily remedied habit.

Pets of the Week

We specialize in personal adoptions and placement.

Hours of operation:

  • Adoptions & Surrenders:
    Monday to Sunday by appointment only.
  • Cemetery:
    Monday to Sunday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Donation Drop Off:
    Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.